Our Mentor:
Brother Robert Sewell

“If you don’t have an appetite for the Word of God, you are not called of God.”

So says Robert Sewell, Pastor of the Mt. Zion Christian Church in Perth, Australia.  A former professional basketball player at 6’7”, his physical stature is dwarfed by the depths he desires to reach in God. Speaking Bible with Bro. Rob is not a conversation – it’s an experience, one that takes listeners well into the twilight hours as he challenges those hungry from more of the Word of God to stretch their minds beyond the limits of human understanding into the realm of divine revelation. It is this tenacity and unrelenting hunger for the Word that positions this man of God to be challenged and enlightened by the Word, enlightenment that he continues to share with the saints of Mt. Zion and with God’s children across the globe. He spent innumerable hours with our Pastor, challenging him to stretch his mind into a Christ-like thinker, and he continues to push him to new heights in Christ.


When he is not devouring the Word, Bro. Rob can be found spending time with his wife of 20+ years. Together, they are the proud parents of five beautiful children.