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New for 2020, the year of The Spirit of Excellence

Prayer Week is a week of consecration (fasting and prayer) where we gather in the house on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for prayer, leading up to Sunday where we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. The congregation wears full white with a red accent for these Lord's Supper celebrations as a symbol of the blood Jesus Christ shed so that everyone can have a place at His table. 

Each prayer week has a theme that incorporates the different types of prayer we've been learning about in our Wednesday-night prayer meetings. Everyone is welcome to participate in Prayer Week. It would be our honour to seek the face of Jesus Christ with you.

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Every Monday @ 7:15 pm

Prayer Week Dates:

o    February 3-9th (Theme: Jabez’s prayer)

o    April 6-11th (Theme: Let God Arise)

o    July 27th- August 2nd (Theme: Samuel’s Intercession)

o   November 9th-15th (Theme: David’s Plea)

Agape Feast -- Easter Weekend (April 10 - 12, 2020)