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Bountiful Blessings is one way in which we strive to emulate Christ’s example by doing good wherever we are. This ministry is responsible for providing for the needs of people in our community throughout the year and as needs manifest. Current initiatives include an Annual Food and Toy Drive, Back-to-School Community Giveaways, providing groceries for families... We are looking to expand our charitable initiatives as we grow and strive to place the needs of others before our own.

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The Winter Warm drive initiative which begins January and ending April was derived by the compassion that was felt each month while handing out meals to the homeless. As the winter months rolled in we saw first hand what needed to be done to help the homeless individuals who were unable to find available space at any of the temporary shelters. With that drive behind us we decided to do some research and found that Trench Foot is a common problem with homeless individuals wearing one pair of socks and shoes for extensive periods of time, especially wet shoes and sneakers from rain and snow. The condition is exacerbated by excessive dampness of the feet for prolonged periods of time. We read enough.... and concluded that a collection of thermal socks would be handed out during each street feeding mission. It began with the 'Socks in a Box' campaign and later was changed to incorporate more winter essential items such as hats, gloves and scarves even blankets!, changing the name to our  'Winter Warm Drive'.


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