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Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

It is with great exuberance and godly humility that I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to our Annual General Conference here in the beautiful territory of Montreal. I believe that God is still moving to convict, convert, heal, deliver and set men free!


In light of the gross disproportion that we see with respect to the Kingdom of God being under siege and seemingly being overrun by

the kingdom of darkness, there is a Word from the Lord: His Church is still rooted and grounded upon the rock of Jesus Christ, and the gates of Sheol (Hell) shall never prevail.

The Lord has brought us back to the true intention of the apostolic conception. Men change, the world evolves; Generations are born, men change, and the world evolves, but God and His Church remain the same. We pray that, as you walk with us through this week of General Conference, you at its end will say, “Of a truth, the Kingdom of God still stands!”


Andrew S. Henry,

General Superintendent,

Wisdom & Life Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

“...and these things which you heard from me which were supported by many witnesses, these things commit to faithful people, such as will be competent to teach others also.”  ~2 Timothy 2:2


Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


It is our privilege to welcome you to our Annual General Conference 2017 under the theme “Apostolic Conception: Who do Men Say that I Am?” The question speaks to the essence of why Jesus Christ came and died; but once we understand and receive this conception, there must

be a transfer. The Gospel message wasn’t given to us to be content in our own salvation, but to perpetuate what God began before the foundation of the earth.


Paul admonished Timothy to hold fast to what he had been taught, because there would be grievous wolves attempting to discredit and alter the fundamental principles of this apostolic conception. It is our prayer that the resounding message you hear during this conference empower you with courage through the grace of Jesus Christ to contend for the faith and accept your share in the suffering like a good soldier. Let not this Gospel be synchronized with foreign elements, but transmit this transformational message to others as it has been delivered to you. In so doing, you will be among the faithful who live and transfer this Gospel truth to see this conception come to fruition. 

Kevin Colquhoun,

Assistant General Superintendent,

Wisdom & Life Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ