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Andrew S. Henry

General Superintendent,

Wisdom & Life Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

Grace, Mercy and Peace from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is with great exuberance that we welcome you to Annual  General  Conference 2018 under the theme “The Best is Yet to Come”. I am persuaded  that for too long, the church has endeavoured to escape this temporal  existence  as "the best" for which we ought to strive; and by virtue, have  subsequently  taken  the  Lord’s name is  vain  by neglecting our divine  responsibility of actively displaying  the nature of Christ in every season.

The Best that is Yet to Come is  not merely  when we walk through Heaven’s gates; the best is revealed  when  we manifest the ‘Greater works’ Christ declared that we would  demonstrate when we place our trust in Him. In these last days, and in this conference, the Lord Jesus Christ is calling us to unite  in ‘Holiness’ – not as a rule, but as a lifestyle  that  produces  the miraculous, causing men  everywhere to give praise to the Most-High God.


The time has come for us to ‘Get up’ from complacency, ‘Pick up’ our swords, and ‘Walk’ in purpose in fulfilling the mind of Christ on this terra-firma. May  the Word you  receive  in  this  conference  charge  and  empower  you  to  live  that  best  life  as  a  child  of  the  King. With  great vehemence, I implore all men everywhere to display the ‘Resident Signs of Christ' in your lives as we strive to please Him wherever we go.

Kevin Colquhoun

Assistant General Superintendent,

Wisdom & Life Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

"The Best is Yet to Come" is an expectation of the believer that present circumstances cannot destroy hope when our trust lies in the Sovereign God. Regardless of past experiences or our present season of life, a true believer must understand that we cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that the Omniscient Lord possesses full rule over our lives. Regardless of the story our surroundings may try to dictate, we can never lose sight that we are on the winning side.


It is with this mindset that we welcome all believers to Annual General Conference 2018 with open arms. We receive each soul with the love of Jesus, knowing that this conference is a  place  where  the Lord can  profoundly  impact your life to bring about great change and transformation. The perspective gained through the transformative word of Jesus in this conference can translate into a new beginning for your life. We look forward to the move of God through the men and women He has hand-picked for this conference. May God have His richest blessings in your life as you embark upon this week of great expectation for fresh personal revelation and inspiration for the body of Christ. Believe it, receive it - the best is yet to come in our lives!


"The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him." ~Lamentations 3:24