Driven, passionate, Kingdom-minded: it doesn't take long for one to recognize that, before being an evangelist, a husband and a father, Kevin Colquhoun is a child of God. Born the second of six children to Desmond and Jesinth Colquhoun on the island of Jamaica, Kevin grew up in church but, like so many young people, was curious to see what was Pastor Kevin Colquhoun “out there”. Being around guys who were doing things Christians should not be doing was enough for this young man to recognize that the world had nothing to offer him.

Never intending to be a preacher, it was a desire to know God and study His Word that led him to teach Sunday School, serve as Youth President, preside over the Christian Education Department and preach the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though content to stay in Jamaica, God turned his life upside down when He sent him from the sunny island to a snowy country on December 28, 2001 to continue to expand the Kingdom. It wasn’t a road he chose for himself, “but God sometimes creates situations in our lives that are unpleasant to fulfill His purpose”.


Along with his wife Jackèe and their four children, Kevin looks forward to fulfilling God’s purpose by ministering to souls in and around the city of Cambridge. The cry of his heart is to bring the Gospel to the un-churched of every background. Though the work is great, his passion to reach people coupled with his drive to do the will of God makes Kevin a vessel through whom the Hand of God Touches Man.

Pastor Kevin Colquhoun

Assistant General Superintendent


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Friday Bible Study

7:00 p.m.

Sunday Service

12:30 p.m.

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Contact information:

94 Elgin Street South, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5G5

(289) 442 - 2523

Pastor Kevin Colquhoun